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Thread: Established, earning, quality proxy site. $100+/mo Search Engine traffic

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    Established, earning, quality proxy site. $100+/mo Search Engine traffic

    I am selling my most profitable proxy site. The site is called "Unblock Facebook" and there has been a lot of SEO for that term as well.

    It currently ranks #2 for the term "unblock facebook" which generates huge amounts of traffic. So far this month the stats for the term are:

    unblock facebook 10621 76 %

    This is mostly facebook traffic, so the targetted audience are NOT myspace kids, but (young) adults accessing Facebook. So there are a lot more options when monetizing.

    This site was established under a different domain, 06-Nov-2008, and was moved to domain 2009-02-26. The move took place because the first domain was long and a .info, and the new domain is a lot shorter, a .net, and a lot easier to remember.

    The reason I am selling this site is because I am in the process of launching a new online business and need to get as much funds together as possible before.
    Revenue Details:

    This site generated $55 from Adsense in the last month, in addition to Adversal income. The Adversal income isn't exact, but it's around $5/day. Seeing as I'm not 100% sure, I will list it at $3/day.

    This is my highest performing proxy site, and it is a safe assumption the majority of the earnings from Adversal are from it. I say this because I don't track individual earnings from Adversal. My average adversal earnings are $10-12 dollars a day. If I had to guess, I'd say generates about $7-9 a day, but because I have no actual proof of the individual earnings of that site, I will say it earns $3 a day. This includes averaging in weekends where earnings generally drop a bit.

    I have been promoting my own web sites in the proxified pages, and this means I am not currently monetizing them. I ran ads for a while and earned about $4 a day with those. The possibilities to monetize a site with this type of traffic and SEO ranking are endless.
    Traffic Details:

    The traffic to this site has been generated 100% by SEO. I have done no promotion other than SEO. (Besides submitting to a couple listing sites. You will see that only 1-2% of the traffic comes from those).

    The site currently ranks for the highly searched term: unblock facebook in Google.

    You will see in the screenshot that the traffic fluctuates between just under 1000 a day, to 1,500 a day. I've seen it hit 4000 before, but that's not steady.

    You can see the auction listed at sitepoint here:

    http://<a href="http://marketplace.s...ions/67143</a>

    Holy shit. This site sold within an hour for the BIN @ $1400.

    This auction is now closed...

    I may sell a couple more big earning proxy sites of mine in the future.
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