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    Ok guys I am pretty much tired with managing websites..and I am taking a break...

    I am giving my full website-domain name, unique wordpress theme (with full rights)(I created it myself) + lifetime webhosting.

    Site: LatestMovieTrailers.Org|Watch The Latest Movie Trailers|Watch Movie Trailers| Watch Film Trailers|Watch New Movie Trailers| New Movie Trailers| Movie Trailers| Film Trailers

    What's the catch?
    There's none... Just a 3 minutes of yours...

    All you have to do is head over to, complete a survey then you are in for the contest!

    P.S After Completing the survey, you have to PM me the following in order to qualify:-

    1. The name of the artist on the photo..
    2. The Url Hidden At the bottom of the page...

    On the 3rd October I will randomly choose a winner and he/she will be awarded the full website with everything.

    No cheating whatsoever...

    Any questions...ask them now!

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    The survey is not loading for me but also wouldn't it be against CPALeads terms of service to do what you are doing here.

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