I am offering one of my top quality websites for sale.

The website is about collectable items and all content is unique and was written specifically for it. All posts are very well written and informative.

dot com domain
expires 08/20/09

Unique Visitors:
January 09 - 377
December 08 - 221
November 08 - 269
October 08 - 265
September 08 - 192
August 08 - 42 (1st month)

Ad Earnings
January 09 - 4.58
December 08 - 1.50 (I experimented with ad placement and at the end of the month I changed them back)
November 08 - 5.37
October 08 - 2.25
September 08 - 2.37

Because this site is still new and traffic from the search engines is improving and because of the quality of the content I will not sell based upon earnings only.

I think this site has great potential and will easily be making $8 to $10 per month soon and more as traffic grows. I would not be selling this one unless I really needed cash now instead of later.

I do not an auction with a hidden reserve so I am setting the start bid at the lowest amount I am willing to take for it.

Hit me up with any questions and/or request the url if you would like to take a look at the site.

Start Bid $100
Ends 24 hours after last bid is placed