Hi. I have a starter e-commerce website available to purchase.

SITE NAME: Fishing Gear To Buy
SITE URL: Buy Fishing Gear

The site promotes eBay auction listings via eBay's affiliate program (the eBay Partner Network) and commissions are paid by eBay for any traffic the website drives to the eBay site. The auction listings update automatically via the eBay RSS feed, with the site mostly running on automatic.

The website uses a customized version of the open-source McJiffy eBay Partner Network ecommerce website script.

The site is theme-able and customizable. The website buyer can add their own custom pages to the website, and set the home page to show a custom page or a different auction page. The admin backend is fairly simple, and largely just involves editing a text file.

Instructions are included for setting up and customizing the site, along with all the other info the site owner will need to know.

I've done some basic backlink building for this website, but it is not yet receiving any significant traffic or revenue. It does not yet have any Google Pagerank. It should pick up both revenue and traffic eventually, though.

Bear in mind with this website that you will require an eBay Partner Network account ( https://www.ebaypartnernetwork.com/ ) and also an eBay Developer account ( https://developer.ebay.com/ ).

PRICE: $20

Paid via Paypal.

To purchase the website, go to the website and just use the website's contact page to get in touch with me about purchasing the site. The website's contact form is also linked below.

CONTACT: Contact Form | Fishing Gear To Buy

If you would like to establish that I am the owner of the site, then just use the website's contact form to send me a message and I will message you back to confirm that I am the owner.

The domain is registered at Godaddy.com and can be transferred to the buyer's Godaddy account for free.

Installation of the website is simple enough, however I can install the website for the new owner if needed. The buyer will need to have their own Unix or Linux based web host account, which should support commonplace features such as cURL and htaccess.