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    Smile Funblock Proxy Network | BONUS: TWITTER + FACEBOOK + MAILING LIST

    Hello Netbuilders, I'm looking to sell my proxy network.

    This network started just four months ago, and has grown enormously.

    -Proxy topsite [FUNBLOCK.NET]
    Receives organic SEO traffic.
    100 UV/DAY from Google.

    -10 proxy sites, each differently targeted for keywords.
    10k Uniques/month.
    150k Pageviews/month.
    Proxy sites are listed in green at How to Unblock Websites at School | Funblock
    Receives traffic from topsites,, topbits, etc.


    Twitter with nearly 500 followers:
    Unblock Websites (UnblockWebsites) on Twitter

    Facebook page with 1600+ fans:
    Welcome to Facebook

    Funblock Mailing List with 170 members:

    Majority is USA + Canadian traffic.
    Over 90% is USA traffic for proxy websites.
    Many countries are blocked through mod_geoip:
    Those are the country codes of blocked countries, who waste bandwidth and produce low revenue.
    Revenue is made through Adsense, Adversal, and minor sites. Other networks have been used in the past such as Adbrite, but I found that Adsense and Adversal were most effective.

    Stats for FUNBLOCK.NET (Proxy topsite)

    Stats for the 10 proxy sites:
    Since there are too many sites to show individually for, these are visits since September 2, 2010 to January 13, 2010. (Data for past four months)

    Over 10k uniques per month in total when calculated.
    These domains also have plenty of life in them, as they were only registered 4 months ago.

    Revenue for Adsense in the past four months has been $107.

    Revenue for Adversal in the past four months have been $30+. (I did not start using Adversal until later on.)
    (Adversal doesn't have a way to show earnings for all months.)
    $11 in November, $7 in December (Winter Break, which is over now), etc.

    Additional Details:

    Contact me via PM, post, or email -
    Upkeep of this network is $2.99/month on hosting over at vectro.
    You will receive the scripts, files, mailing lists, twitter account, FB page, etc.
    Domains are all on one single Godaddy account. Can be done through domain transfer or transfer of account.

    I would like to sell this network to a trusted/verified member with Paypal or Moneybookers. Low rep/non-trusted would be through moneybookers.

    If you have any questions, email/PM me.

    Note: Also posted at:

    Judging from the revenue earned in the past four months, I am willing to sell this network at a minimum of $150.
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    would you accept $100

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    I have received a bid of $150.

    BID : $150
    BIN: $250

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    I would pay $160

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