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Thread: Generate money and Google results from your domains

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    Smile Generate money and Google results from your domains

    Do you have a lot of domains?
    Ready to start making money off them and be in Google search results?

    Do you want to build a quick niche site in minutes and let it run itself?

    You should check out Adsense Machine and start making money from your domains. Why let your domain sit there doing NOTHING and not generating page rank or getting indexed by Google? It's such a complete waste of your money.

    With Adsense Machine youjust select the keyword you want and you will get a site instantly in less than 5 minutes. You can download the trial version and check it out for yourself. That's the easiest way to see how incredibly easy it is. Or go to the site and type in a keyword and see it build the site instantly in less than 2 seconds.

    Yes, I want to start making money from my domains.
    Download Free Trial

  2. #2 -- If I can simply alter the URL to display my Web site (in an iFrame), with your ads on it... That's pretty insecure, and would likely lead to no AdSense account, out of misuse.

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