In the present time, there are many powerful software technologies and solutions that are highly capable of changing the way we look at IT landscape. Of all the new technologies available in the market, virtualization has enhanced productivity and flexibility. Primarily, it is really important to understand what exactly virtualization is and how it works. Once you get an idea of the theory behind this, you will easily understand the functions and features of the virtualization solutions

The term ‘virtualization’ refers to something that is virtual or not physically existing. It performs hardware virtualization, often called ‘full platform virtualization’. It uses the available resources of the system, divides them without interfering, and thus sets a virtual machine that is emulated and abstracted. You can run an operating system on this virtual machine.

VMware is a market leader in virtualization. VMware has a wide variety of these types of solutions including some free solutions that run both on Linux and Microsoft platforms. Here, we will discuss two VMware products which are free, namely VMware Player and VMware Server.