Heh I almost forget that site. It was never updated.

www.metalwallpapers.org - Gallery
PR 2
Alexa 1 280 000

Stats are problem. My host fucked up awstats so I dont know visits. 6 months ago it was maybe 100-150 visitors daily. Site is never promoted maybe first month after I build it. It is almost two years old. It have about 130 USD with adsense for a year (last month 10.32). Its never updated, as I said only when I made it. It is runned on Joomla and Datso gallery.

It is third on google for term metal wallpapers. There is no enough wallpapers neither is seo optmized.

PR was 4 then 2 then 3 then after last update 2 again.
As I said I never promote it. Just puted link on some of my other sites and maybe 3-4 blogs of my friends.

For stats I can add google analytics if someone is interested and we will see results after a month or two.

I am selling it beacause I dont count on it anymore...

Best regards,