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Thread: Headache Relief site (Premium Domain)

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    Headache Relief site (Premium Domain)

    Selling my headache relief site as I am moving to another niche now. I had nice plans with it (that never got implemented! )


    Assume No PR and no Traffic. The site is never marketed and hence no traffic or earnings. The domain however is just perfect and has the exact keywords. Domain is registered with till May-2010!

    Site has 5 unique articles currently (all keyword optimized) and I will be giving out another set of 5 articles to the buyer. These 10 articles have cost me $35 in total. (You can choose the titles of the remaining 5 articles as I have just placed the order for that and it can be changed)

    The buyer will get complete rights to all articles and themes files. Great site to sell clickbank products as well as adsense for earnings. Adsense pays great in this niche. Check out some of the keywords from the Adwords Tool.

    1. Migraine headache - $14
    2. symptoms of headache - $11
    3. migraine headache symptoms - $9
    4. cause of headache - $5

    Starting BID : $25
    BIN: $75

    Please start bidding

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    I'll bid $25 USD and whatever amount of netbucks I have at the time the action closes (if I win it)...will not cash any in between now and then (think they're worth 20 cents now...)

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    $35 BID via PM. So current high is $35. Please keep more coming

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    May i ask who pmed you ?

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