No much comments on this sale... it takes too much time to manage everything in hosting business, better that others take it over before it is too late!

Domain: - Hosting The Globe
Stats: 40/50 Uniques per day
Google Listed: Yes

The website has been promoted a little bit on some forums.. we we're just planning doing adwords.. but than we found hosting business is nothing for us...

What is included in this sale? - Worth 25$ (brandable domain)
Unique template - Worth 25$ (100% unique)
Reseller hosting from Hostgator - Worth 300$ (We paid it for 1 year, there are 11 months left! Package #1 btw...)
WHMCS Valid for one your - Worth 250$ (Is free from Hostgator)
The site is only being promoted by well reputed members and has good uptime
We have currently 1 customer.. at budget package..

Total worth of: 600$!

Since we wanna get rid of this... just a cheap starting price and BIN!

Starting bid: 75$
Increasing bid: 5$
BIN: 200$

As this sale is going on on different forums you can view the highest bid here:

Payment via Paypal, good luck with bidding!

Note: Newbies and 0-iTraders are not allowed to bid