It's Buildable

Alright, I had some articles lying around on my computer and could not see any use for them... So I've put together a mini-site.

14 pages, including the homepage/privacy policy, this website will blow you away with it's high-quality original articles.

It's design is almost unique, only used on a small network of my own websites. I am not selling full rights to it, but am allowing permission for you to continue use on this particular website if you decide to purchase it.

I have laid it out using PHP includes, so it'll be nice and easy for you to expand on if necessary.

I am happy to help you set this site up, if you decide to purchase it.

Zero advertising has been performed, so assume no revenue. However, I have placed the ads well - and they are positioned so as to receive maximum CTR.

These are decent keywords, so with a few article submissions, you could be earning a couple of dollars a day with ease.

Just as a break-down, here's what you're getting:

  • Quality Writing (I've paid as much as $0.03 per word, but usually settle for $0.01 per word - let's settle in between, at $0.02 per word). Roughly $10 per article = $120.
  • Editing (I generally pay between $1-$5 per article - again, let's settle in between). $3/article = $36.
  • Posting (I'd normally pay a fixed rate for an article to be chucked into HTML). $1/article = $12.
  • Domain Registration (newly registered at NameCheap). $9.69.

That's a total value of $177.69. (very sorry I have not supplied exact figures, I do not recall who I bought these from)

Only $120 OBO.