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PlayerSwap is an arcade site with over 1900 games installed. Site runs on GSS with a nicely customized design. All pages have been optimized with mod_rewrite for SEO. Script features a very strong admin panel to manage all aspects of the site including categories, games, users, pages, links and much more. We have also optimized ad locations on pages to blend into the site and provide a better clickthrough rate. A lifetime GSS license will also be included with the sale.

Site is about 3 weeks old and gets around 10-50 visitors and 100-500 page views a day. Traffic is mostly generated from direct visits, forum posts, links from other sites and word of mouth. Traffic stats are below ;

October -
November -

Looking for offers over $49. BIN set at $69.


VirtualDash.Com - - Web Search Directory - General Web Directory

VirtualDash is a general web directory with over 50.000 hand submitted links under 750 categories. Site runs on free version of phpld. The site design is based on a slightly customized template optimized for search engines and ad placement.

Looking for offers over $39. BIN set at $49.


ObviousJokes.Com - - Jokes Site

Obvious Jokes is a well designed, database driven jokes site with more then 9900 jokes under different categories. The site also comes with an admin panel to add new jokes.

Looking for offers over $39 with BIN @ $49

Domains are registered at moniker and comes with a free push to your account. 12 months of free hosting will be included with the sales. Payment preferred via Paypal.

Please feel free to contact me via PM or E-mail for your questions.