Hi there, I am here to sell my Image Uploading site. Which is running pretty awesome !

The site has been running since 20th December. I really am forced to sell this site since am running short of money.

URL: UploadNude.com
Domain regged at: Namcheap.com (Free Push)
Expires on 20th December 2009

Uploadnude.com has a traffic rank of: 1,252,038
It's only been up for like less than 2 months !!!

Site Statistics:

December Traffic:


January Traffic:


Adbrite Revenue:


Top 25 Countries List:


Site has made very less money. But I just couldnt monetize it properly.
Hope the buyer makes good profit.

Script is free (Voolers DPI script)

The site is Search Engine friendly. Has SEO url functionality.

And has 299 pages indexed on Google. And has 7 Backlinks from DP.

BI 40$

BIN: Add me on FearTheWorst@gmail.com if you have an offer.

Or PM me.

Happy Bidding.