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Thread: IP.Board & IP.CCS License

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  1. IP.Board & IP.CCS License

    I'm putting my latest project up for sale due to lack of time and interest to start and finish the project all the way through.

    Domain: (forums located at forums subdomain)
    Edit: This also includes .net and .org versions of this domain so you don't have to worry about competition.
    Registrar: GoDaddy
    Expiration Date: 2010-07-30

    Software: IP.Board License & IP.CCS License - using custom skin from as well.

    Twitter Account: Currently 160 Followers for IPBSetup on Twitter.

    Stats: I've uploaded 3 screen shots from Google analytics to the domain itself to serve as proof I have access to the site (ownership) and that it is for sale:

    Payments via PayPal: Looking for only around $500 for everything including moving to your site and answering any IPB questions you may have.
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