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    Hi there,

    I'm selling

    It ranks HIGH in google for keywords like "send free sms with no ads" and the such..

    PR :- 1

    The site was getting 900 uniques on a daily basis (the first two months)when the site was active (from then on - the uniques were in the range 100-300). I deactivated the script when I thought I won't be able to manage it. From then on, the site was inactive. It could be easily run by someone who has time to manage sites.

    BIN :- $250.

    You may start bidding from $50.


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    i got this error when i am trying to send sms
    "sms 1 was not successful"

    better if you provide more details.
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    As I have mentioned in the post, the site is inactive at the moment. That's because I have made it inactive. I had bought 10,000 sms credits from someone in order to run the site. After about 3000 got finished i stopped running the site. That's it.

    BIN lowered to $ 75 !!!!!!

    Come on .....hurry up !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    If you are interested in selling the domain (just domain), let me know please.

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    What are the specific requirements to run the site?
    Whereto buy credits from?
    How much does that cost??

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    Still selling the site ...

    waiting for serious buyers who are looking to enter into this niche - Huge profit Guaranteed !!!

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    Hello ...anybody there ????

    Now the BIN is just $50 !!!!


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