I want to sell my warez site.

The site: http://www.leechclub.com

Domain registered at Godaddy at 17/06/10
The domain vaild until 17/06/11
The domain made up of 2 words, that's help to SEO.
EstiBot Appraisal: 90$

LeechClub.com is warez blog, that you can download there games, apps, movies and more.
The site is not complete, it's 99% complete, you need to do little things like logo, change "About" page etc.
I have try some posts (so you can delete them).
It's have related design, with good postions of advertisements.
Proof: http://www.leechclub.com/proof.txt

Assume no traffic, as I don't open the site to public.

Whoo's Advanced ReleaseLog Crawler + Reuploader (100$ Value)
Vidi2Mp3 Script - 1 License (7$ Value)
eferral Based Incentive Script - 1 License (19.99$ Value)
Some posts that I already created with LeechClub.com url.

For the buyer:
I push free the domain via Godaddy.
Free Installation on your server.

BiN - 75$

Payment - Paypal.

MSN - aviv_amram@msn.com