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Thread: $$$$$ Money Monster $$$$$

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    $$$$$ Money Monster $$$$$

    if there is any existing customers who needs support please contact me

    my previous offers :

    $$$ Money making sites - Round1 $$$

    Three forexrelated turnkeysites - Three maximum optimized Turnkeysites in the Forex niche - maximum optimized
    For hight paying ads to show on your site. - Remeber that this is not MFA sites these are turnekeysites.Your moneymaking start in the niche of forex..

    This package is the most powerful of them all sofar it will be like a small network of sites all three linked together in a smart way to gain traffic from searchegines.

    A BONUS in This PACKAGE is that all three sites will be Added to 100+ searchengines and directories to get indexed fast and also gain some traffic.

    I have been personally worked with this method for more than 2 years.
    and its still working very well - even better for each year.
    I Cant guarantee you any results but if you read my rewiews you will understand that i know what im talking about.

    Triple FOREXPACKAGE - What is it and what is included???

    1.First off all you need to get your own hosting................................ .
    2.You need to get your own domains its up to you if you get .com or info need a google adsense account ................................
    4.You need a visa card + you need paypal or epassporte to pay me......
    5.Its prefered if you have hosting at three different IP . not a requirment

    if you dont have a adsenseaccount please get one before you contact me .

    What do you get from me in the forexpackage????

    I will add all three sites to 100+ search engines and directories.
    I will build you 3x highpaying turneysites in the forex niche................
    I will integrate you adsense code to them..........................................
    I will show you exactly were to get the traffic that will convert well.......
    I will give you support mail and msn until you reach your success.. ......
    I will make the textcontent on your sites 75% unique............................
    I Will link them all together in a smartway to get them indexed in google as fast as possible.


    Why forex niche?

    Well becouse i know how to make money from it!
    the clicks pays well and i know exactly where to get the best converting traffic to your sites.

    Dont you have any other niches?

    Yes i do ,check the other packages..

    Will the textcontent and design of the site be unique?

    Yes the text content on the sites you get in this package will be 75%
    unique on each site - same template will be used since it works well
    but the header will be modified for each site everytime.

    Is this only working for short term?and is it really adsense safe?

    There is no reason why this should only work for short term.
    your sites will be indexed in google and you can run them as for long as you want to.
    Yes the traffic im advicing you to get is adsense safe.
    its network ads - it is allowed to buy advertising for sites with adsense on.
    the trafficyou get is real clicked traffic thru ads on thousands of sites.
    i will help you step by step how to buy the traffic. and were and exactly what to type in the adzone.

    How much money can i make from this?

    Well these sites wont make you a income without any effort.
    you will have to buy traffic - the more you buy the more you will earn.
    normally 100$ spent on traffic from my source gives you back a
    minimum of 250$ with some luck even up to 400$.
    If you have your own methods to get free traffic this is a great deal for you.and you wil lshortly start to receive free hits from the directories and searchengines i submit your sites to .
    Its pretty much up to you how much you can make .

    Can i see a prewiew? or get a free rewiew copy?

    No.! you cant that would expose my secrets for free.

    How do i buy this? and how do we proceed from this point?

    PM me when you have the requirments ready
    1.adsenseaccount and have a visacard and paypal or epassporte .
    After payment is sent to me i will need your adsense pub id and your mail were you want your files sent to. also some confirm mails will be sent to that mailadress from the searchengines i submit your sites to.

    I will deliver your files and the traffic step-by-step guide in a rar file to your mail.
    i will assist you on msn or thru mail all the way and make sure you are saticfied and get everything
    before i let you go on your own.

    How much do i have to spend on traffic to see any results?

    I would like you to spend 50$ on each site you buy , but yes minimum for each site is 10$

    Do i need to be a experienced webmaster to get started??

    No you dont !this package is ideal to anyone who meets the requirments.
    the rest of the process i will teachyou. anyone can do this.
    if you have no hosting i can even offer you it cheap.

    Do you take bulkorders???

    Yes i do and i will lower the price for bulkolders.
    i like longterm businessrelationships. and would be glad to work with
    people with more sites than just one. how about setting up a goal of a good monthly
    steady stream of income and use my help to reach there.
    For skilled webmasters i have a lot of ideas to share to.

    What kind of domain should i pick?

    well the best is if you can pick someting with the word forex , money or cash in it.

    PRICE : 189$

    Taking five customers for now

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    Can i see a prewiew? or get a free rewiew copy?

    No.! you cant that would expose my secrets for free.

    a lot of people asked me that even if it stated in my thread. look at the rewiews at DP if you feel unsure

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