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Mustang Automotive Forum with a good amount of backlinks and quality looking template.

The forum uses the best forum software: Vbulletin

The current license is nontransferable because the license is outdated. But if you make a bid above $3,000, I will take off $190 of the final price to buy a brand new Vbulletin license. If someone uses the buy it now button I will take off $150 to buy a vbseo license. So buy it now price will get $340 off final price.

The forum is using vbseo too.

All the profits are through the BANS Store - You will need a bans license for using the store -

The template has also been monetized for Adsense, so everytime people visit the forum it gets a lot of clicks.

As you might notice the forum doesn't have much conent, so you can see how much potential this forum has. Add more content and watch the money fly in!

There's a lot of traffic due to all the backlinks I've created for the site.

Most of the profit is through the parts store on the forum.
2009 Adsense Earnings: $292.49 -
2009 Ebay Earnings: $1422.46 -
Total Earnings for 2009 = $1714.95

All the traffic is organic through the search engines.
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