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Thread: My pr2 seo website

  1. My pr2 seo website

    Learning seo online together! Discuss something related to seo,make money online

    Creation Date: 17-Dec-2009 Expiration Date: 17-Dec-2012
    alexa 203872
    daily visitors:500+

    indexed page in google:50
    homepage backlinks in yahoo:900

    created many quality backlinks in many pages you can check in yahoo
    such as Angela Style Backlinks building service
    and Social Bookmarking Service
    i submit some important posts to 100 social bookmarking websites

    90% content written by myself
    a few are paid ads

    all basic seo work done well

    installed some necessary plugins

    ranking high with the keywords in google and yahoo: learning seo online,off seo work, seo work,angela backlinks

    let me know if you are interested in my website and what price can you offer?

    contact email and ggtalk:


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    Hi whats the lowest price your willing to accept since i will just 301 the site to our own site

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    @jest, check the date. This is an old thread.
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    wow yea - damn : ) ill be careful on the dates

    site seems still live though maybe he is taking offers

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