I am getting out of affiliate marketing and am selling off all of my established squidoo lenses!

"See Proof of Income Below!"

Why am I selling everything I worked so hard for?
Simple. I have decided to focus 100% of my time, energy and resources on my Search Engine Optimization (SEO) business and as such, I am wanting to get rid of everything that could possibly distract me from making 2010 the best year yet.

My second reason is: I am needing the money to invest in even better tools, systems and softwares to improve my current SEO services even more. I got some great new plans for my SEO business, but they do require some funding as well. It really is a win win situation for both of us!

For starters...

I have 86 squidoo lenses on one of my accounts that I am selling off for a very discounted price.
(See Lenses Here!)

Please note that I did not create these lenses quickly to make a buck in reselling them (as some set out to do on here). In fact, that last lens I created was probably 3 months ago and every lens I ever created I intended to keep and have kept till this day.

I did basic SEO for all of my lenses about 2 - 4 months ago:
  • did some basic keyword forum backlinking
  • did some social bookmarking (on 5 - 150 of the main social bookmarking sites)
  • did some blog reviews for some of them as well
  • I also added most of them to niche related or open squidoo groups

I had every intention of keeping them and as such I babied them, optimized them, and advertised them whenever I had time.

Almost all of them get at least a bit of Google traffic on a regular basis and with a little SEO on top of what I have already done, it would be very easy to get them ranking high on search engines and generate some serious sales with them.

Most lenses have unique content that either I wrote or had written but a few lenses that I bought a long time ago might not have 100% unique content. However, I reworked all of them so much that they probably could be considered unique by now, lol!

At the end of May of 2009 I started researching "Squidoo Marketing" and also built my first lens that I transfered to another squidoo account and ended up building a site and more niche lenses around it. I was not promoting clickbank products in that niche - and now along with the site and a few more lenses in that account - I currently have a bid of over $500 for it from the product owner of the product I was promoting.

Anyways... all I am trying to say is: I know what makes a good lense and I know what makes a good niche and the lenses I got here are not your every joe kinda lenses.

I started getting serious about lens building in august of last year (2009), and in the 5 months since I have made exactly $613.35 in my Squidoo ClickBank account alone... as well as had a few sales on other affiliate networks. See clickbank proof here:

I can not guarantee you will do the same, but with a little extra work, you could get some good traffic going and easily make this a juicy cash cow!

Oh... Squidoo has also paid me some paypal cash... I can't remember how much... less than $100 so far (I think).

Anyways.... all in all... these are great lenses... all have affiliate links integrated in a non spammy way to comply with Squidoos terms and conditions and I would love to hand the whole package over to someone who will take all of these lenses to the next level. Is that you?

You can see My Account with the 86 Lenses Here on my Squidoo : Lensmaster Page

Buy the whole entire package for just $1597 USD. If you need me to update them all individually with your clickbank ID, include an extra $97.

Grab this Once in a Lifetime Opportunity before Someone else does!

If the package deal is not sold within 24 hours, I will sell them individually for $25 to $60 a piece.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me either via PM or via email at seo@marketingempire.ca and I will respond ASAP as best as I can. Having said that... I do not and can not make any claims, warranties or guarantees with and related to anything in this deal other than that I have and will continue to represent everything to the best of my knowledge and understanding.

Lets make 2010 the best year yet!

Konrad Braun