I want to sell this site fast because I'm not interested anymore by this niche. The site talk about the NASA Kepler Mission, a space photometer which will be launched on March, 5.

The site have been promoted only on Digg. I will keep a link in my vbblog-feed here if you want. If well promoted, this site can receive good traffic in the start of march 09 and make thousands from well integrated AdSense. I have installed a translation plugin so the site is ready to receive traffic from other SE (google.it, google.fr, google.de ...).

The domain contain good keywords, maybe long but this site is targeted for SE traffic (keyword targeted domains) not for direct (memorable domains). You will have a free push of the domain. I can transfert for you or If you want I give you only the login and password of CPanel account.

No traffic (maybe 1 or 2 visitors per day) / No revenue.


  • 1x Keyword Targeted Domain (.com, 10$)
  • 1x Keyword Targeted Article (3$)
  • 1x Keyword Researches (little, 5$)
  • 1x WordPress Installation (and plugin & theme) (27$)
  • __+ SEO Plugin (FREE)
  • __+ Optimized Theme (FREE)

Total: 45$

The bid start at 10$ (price of the domain).
You can buy the site now for only 30$.