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created on Sun 12/27/2009
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How does it work?

Our Ebay-Affiliate Gift cards website features the most popular Gift cards-related keywords and the auctions going on for them in real-time. This website is written in javascript and pulls the auctions straight from ebay - you never have to update it. It updates itself! When someone sees these HOT eBay auction items on your website, clicks and buy - you get paid from eBay. Also , when they click on the left ads , you get paid from google ! So this is 100% moneymaking website and It's a huge potential

Features :

* Professional design
* Google Adsense Integrated
* 100% Automatic
* Highest affiliate payments
* Very Hot niche
* Very easy to setup or modify

Traffic and revenues : The site is brand new so no traffic or revenues yet

What you get
The domain name , the website files , free hosting provider ... You get everything !!

Payment Method : Paypal

Buy it now Price : 20$