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Thread: Niche Article Directory! 17000 indexed articles

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    Niche Article Directory! 17000 indexed articles


    I am selling my Article Directory site ( URL and content ) and the details of which are as below:

    URL = Niche Article Directory, Submit Articles, Get Quality Backlinks | Reprint Articles | Free Content
    Registrar = Godaddy


    Expires: 2010-09-19

    Google Indexed Pages = 21,000
    Alexa rank = 2,76,256

    Starting Bid = US$20
    BIN = US$5000

    Payment = PAYPAL only
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    Site gives back error. Any traffic?

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    Site is working fine now

    Quote Originally Posted by Hellas View Post
    Site gives back error. Any traffic?

    Site is working fine now. I have repaired the database table. Below please find the Traffic details:

  4. aany revenue?
    why selling?
    how to manage the site? how much time it takes daily?

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    Replies to your queries

    Quote Originally Posted by MeetHere View Post
    aany revenue?
    why selling?
    how to manage the site? how much time it takes daily?

    Below find the details:

    1. Any revenue = I have recently put Google ads. So not much appreciable revenue.

    2. Why Selling = I want to concentrate on my other high paying websites.

    3. How to manage the site? How much time it takes daily?

    = The members add articles and you need to approve the same manually. It has an option of Auto Blogger also wherein the content gets added automatically and you need not do anything

    If you are choosing Manual option = It won't take more than 5 minutes daily.
    If you are choosing Auto Blogger option = Then you need not bother as the content gets added automatically.

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    Is it promoted? How many articles get added by other people at average daily?

  7. or it is done or fetched automatically from other article siteS?

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    I have done a lot of Social Bookmarking for this site. The traffic is natural. I get on an average 2-3 articles a day from members. Today 8 articles were submitted by members.

    I had earlier turned on the Auto blogger option but now I have disabled that option. The articles are submitted by the members and I approve the same manually.

    ALEXA RANK today = 273085
    Google Indexed articles = 21,100

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    This site has been sold.

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