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Thread: Occult Forum package for sale

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    Occult Forum package for sale (@ namecheap: from 09/15/2006 - 09/15/2010 ~ I will renew them for a the next year before the sale)

    Includes the .org, .net. .info, and

    Site stats:
    Page Rank: 3
    Indexed pages: About 7,080 results
    DMOZ listed (Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Esoteric_and_Occult/Chats_and_Forums)

    Alexa Rank: 137,674 (29,995 US)

    Adsense earnings (past year) $290
    Gold Member Earnings (past year) $310

    Google Analytics shows for the last month:
    22,966 visits
    129,907 pageviews
    5.66 pages/visits
    47.97% bounce
    00:06:50 time on site
    48.95% new visits

    Forum Statistics
    Threads: 8,556
    Posts: 87,493
    Members: 3,771
    Active Members: 196 (2 weeks)

    The forum averages 3 new members daily (with very few spammers).

    It is currently set up for an opt-in/out newsletter with over 700 members currently opted in.

    Site Info:
    Current Platform: vBulletin 3.8.1 (with the Official Blog) however I do have a current copy of the latest version (vBulletin 4.0 Publishing Suite) which I will send along with the sale.

    It has a blog ( which is currently only showing server updates (PR0) using Wordpress, which is free, so you already can have that.

    It also has a directory (the paid version of PHPLD 4.0) ( which is mostly empty (PR0) but will come with the site.

    The domains and come with the site, but are currently empty/unused. (though, the .org currently points to the site as well).

    Site Obligations:
    Gold Member accounts in good standing should remain so till their time expires.
    No current sold or traded links.
    No other site obligations that I can recall, though I would encourage that the founding members still retain their status.

    Some additional notes:
    None of the sites have been actively promoted since I first started the site in September of ’05. Even then, the only promotion that was done was a few directory submissions and a handful of blog comments & forum posts.

    I will gladly stick around the site to help you get familiar with it and you can contact me through this site (PM or Email) for additional input.

    Starting Bid: $1000.00 (US)

    Payment via Paypal

    Or even snail mail (check or money order)

    There is no Bin, and I am putting a hidden reserve in effect…
    Last edited by Qryztufre; 20 October, 2010 at 13:40 PM. Reason: payment options / corrected domain spelling /
    My Homesteading blog is not worth reading
    My Magick site is not worth it's server space
    My Occult forum is likely something you'd not have an interest in
    My wife's Hedgewitch site is worth checking out though...

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