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I am letting my baby go since I am going through a rough time.
I never wanted to let it go. But cannot hold it anymore.

Valid Pagerank 2 with internal pages ranking as well more than > 1.





Check out all the screenshots you want to. The site isn't monetized much. Except few dollars from adsense. Assume no revenue.

First page on Google for the word "Proxys" though it's a typo people still type in and visit site.

It is getting more than 3500 Unique Visitors with 34,000 Pageviews !

First page for the following keywords:

myspace proxys
youtube proxys
facebook proxys
school proxys

and few other keywords. Though proxys is a typo you can check google keyword tool for the number of type ins. Just the way it is.

Expiration Date (domain) :05-Apr-2010

BID now for: 80$ and above.

Payment: Paypal

The script runs on Proxy List Script - Home which cost me 30$.

Pm me for any questions. Serious buyers only.