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Thread: PetBetter Network- 96 Articles, 24 Domains

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    PetBetter Network- 96 Articles, 24 Domains

    Its not often that something like this comes up on NB. I have never planned to sell this website (having owned it for 2-3 years) but have shifted my focus to other projects of mine.

    I'm selling a network of pet websites and domains. is the main domain and has 96 articles uploaded to it. The articles are all high quality and written by me. Majority are a good length (above 500 words) and all are unique with good spelling and grammar.

    re-traffic: around 90% of all traffic stats listed below are organic.
    re-revenue: assume $0 revenue as sites are not monetized.
    re-domains: all are hosted at namecheap. soc domains have around 11 months, petbetter domains around 10 months and freearticle domains around 10 months.

    Home (

    4 Articles

    230 Visits since April 09

    Cats (

    23 Articles

    1240 Visits since Nov 08

    Dogs (

    note that I am half way through converting this site to wordpress. About 2/3 of the articles are uploaded. To view entire list of articles through the old website see here.

    62 Articles

    250 Visits since April 09

    Birds (

    4 Articles

    80 Visits since April 09

    Fish (

    3 Articles

    110 Visits since April 09

    Other Domains (i.e. undeveloped sites): (worth over $200 if registered now at namecheap)

    ( domains = ____ society- google recognises soc as society so that's a plus).

    Note on value:[/B]

    Domains @ namecheap: 8 x 8.81 = $211.44

    Content (say $0.01 per word, average 600 words): 96 x 600 = 57 600 words, @ $0.01 per word it would cost $576 (note that you would not be able to get this type of quality for $0.01 per word, you would probably have to pay twice as much)

    TOTAL: $787

    (To buy the domains and get the content written today, it would cost $787. What about other aspects that cannot be measured such as the quality of domain names (matter of personal opinion), age of site, already indexed by google etc etc)

    Starting BID= $1
    Increments= >$10 please

    Any questions feel free to post here of PM.


    Happy bidding and good luck.

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    $50 bid here
    Programmer, web developer and entrepreneur.

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    What is your reserve price for this, GameOver?

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