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Thread: Potential sale - Yahoo Group with 3900 Proxy users

  1. Update

    Current Highest BID via PM is $200

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    are there any reserve price? can u pm me the url of your group?

  3. Url of the group is in OP. Here it is again though

    proxyaday : proxy a day

    Regarding reserve, yes i have a price n mind below which i wont let this one go.

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    I think this has been sold recently.

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    Yup. To the same guy that bought my group.

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    how much did you guys sell it for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by z613 View Post
    Yup. To the same guy that bought my group.
    That guy is probably trying to 'lead' the proxy web
    Well if he has enough money for buying all those groups, he may buy mine too lol

    |Nico Lawsons

  8. Yes, This group have been sold and just finished transferring the ownership.

    I guess the new owner is the best guy to disclose the price if he wants to.

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    For further reference, you can close your own threads... But, nevertheless, thread closed.

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