Hi there,

I have a PR1 social bookmarking site for sale
URL: bytetags.com
Google Pagerank: 1
Alexa rank: 282,455
Google indexed links: 889

I have installed awstats few days ago to measure the traffic
Statistics for bytetags.com (2009-12) - main
visits: 70+ /day
(yesterday the visits were 91)
I also have webalizer stats, you can pm me if you want them in additional

The site is PHP/MySQL. The site pretty much runs itself.

The website earnings may be around $5+ per month. I havent monetized the earnings separately as such, as i have a lot of websites.

Payment method: paypal
Domain registrant: Godaddy

Starting bid:$80

Auction ends in 3 days from now. Looking forward for your bids

Best Regards,