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Thread: PR2 High Quality Sports Blog (LOW BIN)

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    PR2 High Quality Sports Blog (LOW BIN)

    Site: Damn Sports
    You will get the domain, site, and $60 theme with purchase.

    I have not yet monetized the site.
    All articles are 100% unique. There are 19 articles. You will not find them on any other blog.

    It is a PR2 and averages 30+ UV per day but if someone put a little money into advertising it, the traffic could easily rise.

    I will give support to the new owner of the site for one month and help them with whatever they need. If you have any questions, just ask.

    BIN = $75

    Accepting all offers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeetHere View Post
    why it says fake PR ?
    Check Page Rank!
    . . . lol

    remove the 'www'. damn noobs.

    anyways it has been sold at BIN price. No longer up for auction. Thx.

  3. noobs

    with or without "www", checkpagerank should show valid for both.

    Anyway congrats.

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