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Thread: PR2 Proxy Site + Unique Template (3day only)

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    Sold - sold - sold - sold - sold - sold


    Proxy Site:

    Most likely the webhost will be down so the url above will not be working.
    Instead check out the xhtml/css version here

    This proxy used to make $30+ per month, however it is no longer making this much because I completely abandoned it for the last 2 months because of the webhost being down 3 or more time every day so the traffic went down completely and I don't have much time to work on it since I'm dedicating more time for I just didn't advertised it anymore, and haven't changed host either so this is the first thing you should do to bring traffic up again.

    Earnings & Traffic Stats:
    Ads Earnings: .................... Monthly Traffic

    February: $20.90 .............. 4,203 Visits / 8,783 Pageviews
    March: $41.34 ................... 12,765 Visits / 163,386 Pageviews
    April: $40.96 ...................... 25,899 Visits / 197,673 Pageviews
    May: $15.11 ...................... 11,246 Visits / 55891 pageviews <this month is When webhost started being down everyday.

    What's good about this proxy?

    • It has great potential
    • Used to make $30+ per month (not anymore but could be reached again)
    • PR2 rank on google
    • Unique Template
    • PSD Included
    • XHTML/CSS Included
    • Url form with auto urls

    BIN: 35$ | Paypal Only!
    Last edited by Jorge05r; 17 June, 2009 at 12:48 PM. Reason: SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD

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    Come on guys, I've reduced the price to ONLY $38.00, this price is very low but I just need some extra cash for my son's birthday and I'm trying to sell everything I own actually not everything, but as much as possible like my proxy sites since lately I haven't advertise them, haven't change the host where it's hosted right now that sucks completely.
    This is a great chance to own such a great and unique proxy, promote it and monetize it wisely.

    What's included?

    • PSD FILE
    • DOMAIN
    • FREE 125x125 banner design
    • FREE 125x125 advertising spot at for 1 month

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Jorge05r View Post
    BIN: 35$ | Paypal Only!
    Quote Originally Posted by Jorge05r View Post
    I've reduced the price to ONLY $38.00
    The price just went up $3?

    Either way, I'll BIN it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    The price just went up $3?

    Either way, I'll BIN it.

    Sorry Will I forgot to post here it was already sold, mr.bill bought it already via PM.

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