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    PR2+ site

    Im looking to buy site which has been online for some time and has PR.

    I can go for different niche sites (exept business/money/seo sites)

    Briefly, i'd like to buy pr2+ site and pay up to 100$
    But if site is really nice i can go for more.
    But PR is mandatory, please do not contact me with sites that has no PR.

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    Hello !

    I'm selling

    Its Pr2 Site
    Prince is 50$
    Accepting paypal...

    add me on msn: lioo-m[at]hotmail[dot]com or sent me a pm if u want to buy it...

    horry up because I have some good offerts @ digitalpoint...


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    When i go to your site, it shows me godaddy ads.
    This is only domain. The content is gone? Im not interested in buying a domain, im interesting in live site.

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    I have and the contect but it is sport info but in eglish lauangue...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rebeli View Post
    I have and the contect but it is sport info but in eglish lauangue...
    To me doesn't look like english site...
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