I am looking for offers on my established image hosting site. Started in July, 2008, this site has grown at an unprecedented rate.

-The image hosting script is 100% unique and custom coded my myself.
-Every feature on the site is unique and coded by me such as the Stats page.
-The site currently has a PR3 which can be attributed to the professional SEO work I've had done on it. The site has never been submitted to any directories. It also has strong backlinks.
-For a newly established site, as I mentioned before, this site receives voluminous traffic. View all of the stats here.
-Professional design is also 100% unique.
- As for money optimization, I have made a few link sales in the "Partners" box on the left, but tried to keep the # of outbound links to a minimum.
-The best part, I have not put Adsense on the site yet! With the amount of traffic the site received, you are bound to bring in some big paychecks courtesy of Google.
- If you have any other questions, please ask me here or at my email.

wImg Host - Free Image & File Hosting

I will be accepting offer of any value over $550. Please send the offers to i@wimg.co.uk. You will be updated on the highest offer once the email is received.

Thank you for your interest,