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  1. Thumbs up 54 K alexa, PR3, Themes and layouts blog.

    Blog -
    Reg at Godaddy - Expires:1/24/2010
    Established - 1st Feb 2009

    Google PageRank - PR 3
    Daily UV - 500+ { 50%+ is organic traffic and google images are top is referring sources ]
    Last 30 days Analytics report -

    Blog also Received
    google sitelinks and keywords can be seen in below image

    Alexa Rank - 54K
    Yahoo inbound link - 2938+

    Right now I have not planned any specific amount for bin , so I am taking good offers from NB users .

    If you want more information regarding this blog then do let me know by posting here on via PM .

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    any revenue? how much are you looking for?

  3. In last 20 days we started using 2 advertisement networks and blog earned $50+ .

    From adsense we made $11+ and $40 by selling banners via buysellads .

  4. Blog is making $50+ monthly and I am looking for offers around $ 600+ . If anyone of you is interested then you can send me your offers and I will let you know about my decision as soon as possible .

    You can Bin this blog at $700 right now .

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    Do you have any adsense revenue from your blog? What is your average monthly revenue for that?
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by hendricius View Post
    Do you have any adsense revenue from your blog? What is your average monthly revenue for that?
    I started using adsense from 2nd august and blog earned $11+ from it till now .

  7. How do we get to see the sitelinks in action? I tried to search for "Photoshop brushes" but didn't see any site links from themetoday

    Can you add my email to analytics to view reports?
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  8. You have to type Domain name - themetoday in Google search and then check it . You can find small links below description of blog .

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