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Thread: Premium Mortgage Loan BLOG - Must See

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    Premium Mortgage Loan BLOG - Must See

    [ame=""]DP SALE THREAD[/ame]

    Hello All

    Website: Mortgage Loan Modification

    [X] Great Design For Adsense
    [X] 6 Quality, Error Free, Unique, Keyword Rich Articles
    [X] +2300 Words
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    The Conclusion in Your Mortgage Loan Modification - 385
    Mortgage Loan Modification Information & Tips - 427
    Analyzing the Mortgage Modification Option - 407
    Applying For a Mortgage Loan Modification - 348
    Your Financial Evaluation - 423
    Mortgage Loan Insurance - 404

    The articles on the site are all unique and pass copyscape. The design has been designed keeping adsense in mind. All the articles have been added under corresponding tags and categories, with stock images for each post. You may easily add affiliate programs for mortgage applications. The current banner for the mortgage application was made myself. I have implemented some powerful SEO on the site. It has been optimized well for the search engines. The site and posts are all ranking on search engines. I have also included the famous all-in-one SEO plugin (the latest version 1.6.7 released on 2009-10-09) for improved results.I have submitted the site to several small search engines. It is already ranking on G. I have done some link submissions. The site has been promoted well and monetized, leaving you with no work at all. A Privacy Policy, Sitemap and Contact page have been included.

    [X] Runs on Wordpress, Easy to maintain
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    This is a great niche to get into now. There is not a lot of competition, which would provide you good earnings. The domain is just great, with the important keywords.

    A Twitter account will be included for this site. With Twitter becoming the next "big deal", you do not want to miss out. I have created a Twitter account just for this site, which can help bring in traffic to your site. The page has been completely done for you.

    Jessica Miles (EasyMortgage101) on Twitter

    The Wordpress system has been enhanced to better function with the help of some highly recommended plug-ins. They can be deactivated with the click of one button!


    Affiliate Sign Ups & Registrations

    This is a good niche to get into while its still out there and available. This is a great niche, where advertisers spend huge amounts of money in. Cash in with this great niche site. You can definitely make your money with these sites.


    Registrar: GODADDY
    Expiration: OCTOBER 3RD 2010


    Hosting is currently paid off until DECEMBER 31 2009
    However, you may continue the services with GLOBAL XEON SOLUTIONS after that period for $3.00/month

    You get full rights to all content on the site.

    Start BID : $20
    Increment of $5 or more
    There is A Reserve
    BIN: $50.00

    Payment Through PayPal

    Happy Bidding!


    $20 bid at DP !
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    bidding is at $35.00

    bin: $50.00
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    site sold....
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