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Thread: Presidential Inauguration DVD Site

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    Presidential Inauguration DVD Site

    I'm selling which is the only site I've seen on the Internet to offer a DVD of the upcoming Presidential Inauguration. Imagine the traffic you'll get next week! Of course the DVD doesn't exist yet because I don't own a time machine. I've beat everyone else to market and you can easily burn a DVD full of free public domain footage.
    There will be tons of residual traffic after the Inauguration and you can sell additional items like the t-shirts I've linked and there's also AdSense and Amazon Books.
    If it doesn't sell by Saturday, I'll just start promoting it myself and keep the cash.
    BIN is $199.

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    Do you know if we can get a DVD any where?

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    As soon as the Inauguration is over there will be 100s of dvds available on Amazon, eBay, etc. So I think it's as simple as choosing an existing distributor. But you can also use a youtube convertor script to turn the 1,000s of youtube videos into mpegs for the DVD. That's what I plan to do if I can't find a buyer. That will also allow me to control the price. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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    Buy the way, I've lowered the BIN to $99.

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