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Thread: Profitable arcade game site earning over $800 a month

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    Profitable arcade game site earning over $800 a month

    Hey, just thought I'd let everyone know about an arcade site of mine I have just listed on flippa.

    The URL is: - Website for Sale: Established Arcade Site earning over $815 a month Adsense — Flippa

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    Looks good. Good luck on the sale!

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    Thanks! It sold real quick. BIN within the first 24 hours. Makes me wonder if I should have asked for more! Haha
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    I've never seen an arcade site go for that much. Nice work.
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    That's sick! Congratulations on your sale man, well deserved! A site registered just one year ago getting sold for +$12K.. amazing
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Very nice. Congrats. Wanna take over my arcade?

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    Thanks everyone. And sticky, I'm not really in the market to buy sites right now. The design is solid and it is something that interests me.

    I've been working on establishing myself in the arcade niche since I sold and all my other proxy related sites last fall. I'm just happy to see some success in more than one niche. As proxies were where I learned SEO, and the first niche I ever worked in.
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