If you are an active reader of NetBuilders, you have seen that I have started a new network of proxy But, I think I have badly started it and need a refresh ; it's why I'm selling it.


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I'm selling my brand new proxy network (19/01 - 28/01).
The network have made 25$ in earnings sor far and receive 1000 UV / day. Domains are registered at Name.com This auction will end in 48 hours!


AdSense: http://www.pixitux.com/images/1kb4we76dcvjw0np9hyf.jpg
AdVersal: http://www.pixitux.com/images/lm88vl5u1ka7df0q8vgh.jpg

GlobalInteractive: $1.40
CanepMedia: $0.53

Traffic (from Analystics)

ColdBrain: http://www.pixitux.com/images/h4zyntt75dvtnkbkuab.jpg
FairDay: http://www.pixitux.com/images/p625nzknkboa0ox7e497.jpg
ForgetIt: http://www.pixitux.com/images/ax96twlj53z8fyzhru.jpg
FunHour: http://www.pixitux.com/images/qxf2j3c1jyz7h8p5ck9a.jpg
StopAss: http://www.pixitux.com/images/5mlbev41nu5s8whir2m.jpg

Highest bid: 20$
Buy It Now: 60$ (1 month earnings)
Please reply here or PM me I need this money this week
The auction si also on DP, I can provide help to setup your network.