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    Hello everyone! I am looking to clean out the pile of sites that I own so that I can focus all of my attention on a few select sites, rather than a whole bunch. Today, I would like to find a buyer for my PR2 Proxy Listing website. is run on the 'Free Proxy List Script,' but I have made changes to the theme and structure of the site. I even made an area on the homepage where people can copy the list of our proxies and paste them on their site, giving ProxyRun users more exposure. There are currently 228 active proxies in the database. The site is pretty much automatic - run it all from the admin panel.

    With your purchase, you will get a Google Group with 78 members for free! is registered at with Free Private WHOIS.
    Expires: 2010-10-05

    I'm not looking for a lot for this site - so just make an offer and it can be yours!
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