RankArcades is a site I developed about 5 or 6 months ago when I was running an arcade called GamingBooth. I figured since I was going to be promoting my arcade why not build a site to help promote it. Well, my server crashed that I had RankArcades and GamingBooth on. I lost the database for both sites, but I have put RankArcades back up.

Before the server crash RankArcades had 20-25 arcades signed up that were in the topsite. I'm not sure if they have all removed the button on their site, but their accounts are gone.

The script is not unique, but I worked hard to give it a custom design. I paid to have the header done as well as the buttons. You can see all the images in the images folder:
Index of /images

I did rewrite on all the URLs as well:

It will be your job to get arcades signed up. Once they're signed up traffic will start to pour in. You have a great domain and design to work with

Starting bid: $50

Let me know if you have any questions.