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Thread: SEO Sites - 1st Page Google Rankings in 2 Weeks Guaranteed Or Money Back.

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    Thumbs up SEO Sites - 1st Page Google Rankings in 2 Weeks Guaranteed Or Money Back.

    5 Review copies available for netbuilders members! Grab one now! $10 OFF!

    Hello all netbuilders members!
    My name is Oskar and as you might see this is my first thread here. Yes, I got no posts nothing I know and yeah I did just register here. If you don't trust people with no reputation, just leave this topic and do not comment. (Sorry for being greedy but i'm tired of people not giving new people a chance without flaming them). Still here? Awesome! Well, I create websites that are really SEO optimized and keyword researched and now i'm here to bring you guys my work as i do on a few other forums as well. This was just some info about me, lets get to business -->

    Are you having problems making money? Have you been struggling building sites without success?
    Have you no knowledge in keyword research?


    I will do all the work for you, this includes setting up your site from scratch with some great SEO content, building back links
    as well as doing a keyword research to be sure you get on the first page of Google.

    What is included in the package?

    Quality Package:

    - Exact .COM domain ( Godaddy push )
    - 800 USA Searches or more every month
    - 4 x Unique SEO targeted articles ( +- 2-3% Density )
    - Onsite SEO
    - 200+ Quality back links
    - RRS and Ping Submission all over the web
    - Delivery within 48 hours.
    - Unlimited Support

    Prices :
    Click the links to order.

    1 SITE $55 - ORDER NOW

    3 SITES $145 - ORDER NOW

    10 SITES $360 - ORDER NOW

    Can't afford it? I got a cheaper package too!
    ! No first page guarantee in this package !

    Budget Package:

    - Exact .INFO Domain ( Godaddy push )
    - 100+ Back links
    - 300+ USA Searches or more every month
    - 4 x SEO Targeted Articles ( +- 2-3% Density )
    - Unlimited Support
    - Delivery within 48 hours

    Prices :
    Click the links to order.

    1 SITE $22 - ORDER NOW

    3 SITES $56 - ORDER NOW

    10 SITES $176 - ORDER NOW¨

    After your order i require some information to be able to set up your website, copy and paste this in a private message here and enter the missing details. Thank you.

    Name :
    E-Mail Address : 
    Paypal Invoice No. : 
    Hosting cpanel URL : 
    Hosting Username :
    Hosting Password :
    Hosting Nameserver 1 :
    Hosting Nameserver 2 :
    GoDaddy Customer Number :
    Godaddy Email :
    Color requirements for the theme ( optional) : 
    Comments, questions etc :
    I offer 100% money back guarantee if your site doesn't reach first page of Google within 4 weeks. You will usually reach it within 2 weeks.
    In exchange for money back guarantee the domain + content shall be transferred back to me.

    Why do i offer money back guarantee?

    I never failed reaching the first page on Google within 4 weeks before, so it won't happen now either. If it do, i offer a 100% money back guarantee in exchange for the domain + content.

    Delivery time
    Your website will usually be delivered within 48 hours. If you order more than 10 sites please allow 7 days of for delivery.
    The SEO process can take up to 15-30 days to finish.

    What do you need to make this purchase?
    You will need a account so we can deliver the domain to you. You will need a own hosting account. You will also need a Adsense account (or what you are using) to start earning right away.

    Can i resell this website?
    Yes you can! Your free to do anything you want with it.

    Review Copies can be order from here

    Quality Package: 1 SITE $45 - ORDER NOW! ONLY 5 AVAILABLE.

    Budget Package: 1 SITE $18 - ORDER NOW! Only 5 AVAILABLE.


    You are welcome to ask questions!

    Best Regards,
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