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Thread: Selling my blog

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    Selling my blog

    Hello guys!

    I'm putting up for sale my blog which I have had for more than 10 months now. It's about making money online, and it has some descent traffic.

    I'm selling it because I don't have time to manage it, as I have a lot of offline work.

    The domain is, which stands for The Money Making Blog, or maybe you could use it as The Make Money Blog, that's up to you. I'm currently using WordPress, with a premium theme, Thesis. You'll get that as well. It had PR 3 until the last PR update, which dropped to 1 because I wasn't updating it as much, because of my finals.

    The domain is registered at, and it expires around the end of June.(I'll give you $10 off in order to renew the domain).

    So my starting price for this is $110 (Originally $120). It also has a lot of trusted backlinks, and I've also added it in as many directories that I could.

    You'll get all the content that is already in the blog.

    And I'm also going to give you another free undeveloped domain,

    So, if interested, contact me!

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    I was interested in this, but someone told me you are using an illegal copy of Thesis.

    This is very risky, as if in the future if DIYThemes catches you, YOU (and not the new owner) will get sued for $10,000+.
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    Yea man never used a stolen copy for anything because you will get caught. + someone put hardwork into that framework and would like something in return for it.
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