Hello everyone,

I am selling my entire site portfolio. I want to get these sites off my hands and then use the money to reinvest into my own affiliate campaigns and (hopefully) make even more money.

I am only putting these sites up for sale here on NB. Consider them a NB Exclusive

MyBruteGame - http://www.mybrutegame.com

  • PR2 (might be 3...not sure)
  • Unique wordpress blog design.
  • 40 unique posts
  • Ranks on first page of Google for both mybrute and my brute
  • Has had quite a bit of traffic in the past. Has slowed down since posting has slowed down.
  • I have made about $50 off AdSense about another $75 or so with an affiliate campaign.
  • 476 approved comments
  • over 700 newsletter subscribers
  • twitter account with 346 followers


QuickInbox - http://www.quickinbox.com

  • popular temporary inbox service
  • PR1
  • Inboxes Created: 92351
  • Total E-mails Received: 849941
  • very nice unique design and logo
  • twitter account with 1,674 followers


h3n.org - http://h3n.org/
  • PR1
  • twitter account with 670 followers
  • Links Pending: 9287
  • Active Links: 4465
  • gets new links everyday
  • unique design and logo


Yeti Directory - http://yetidirectory.com/

  • PR1
  • unique design and logo
  • We currently have 1772 links pending. Our directory has 921 active links.
  • twitter account with 1,073 followers


I will sell the entire portfolio to you for $900. Sites can also be individually purchased as well at the marked price. Payment via PayPal. Once payment is received cPanel information will be PMed to you so you can transfer the site. All domains are currently hosted with GoDaddy.

Please post if you are interested. I am also available on instant messenger.
AIM: LukePeerFly
YIM: LukePeerFly
MSN: PM me for my e-mail handle

This sites are a good investment for you and a very nice addition to your portfolio. If you are interested AT ALL please PM me. We may be able to work something out if needed