I have spent a while getting this up and going, and I am struggling for time running this site now, so I think I am going to sell it.

You can check it out at Eve Mining Guide.

It is related to the game, "Eve Online" so you might only want to consider making an offer if you know about it and will be able to keep the site running well.

65% of the traffic is organic and targeted straight from Google. I have had the site running a month, and it is on the front page of Google for the main keyphrase "eve mining guide" and I have also incorporated a lot of LSI keywords into all my content on the site.

Also, the site is in the number 2 spot on page 1 of Google in the UK.

The site also comes with a 6 minute youtube video that brings a fair bit of traffic, and I used it to get the site kicked off, but that video is still on there.

As I say, all content is completely unique. I have made a few dollars from adsense, nothing too much, but I also have a clickbank product which I can link you too if you like that made my first sale the other day through the site.

If you have any questions about the site, please let me know either in this thread or PM me.

This month I have generated $20 revenue with the site, but it has only been online for this month so I think that's quite good, with some determination, there is a fair bit of traffic here at people's disposal.

Here are a few screenshots from GA:

What will you get with the purchase?
This sale is for the domain "eveminingguide.info" (hosted with 123reg), the domain was only bought last month so doesn't expire till middle of next year.

You will also get the full wordpress site along with all content including articles and the youtube video. I can also provide a twitter account to go with the site that I have recently started up and is gaining a fair number of Eve Online players following it.

Please note that this sale does NOT include hosting, I can provide hosting if required at extra cost, but the actual sale does not include it.

Upon purchasing this site, I will help you get it all transferred over to your server and setup, working correctly etc.

I am starting the bidding at $20 with increments of $10. There is a LOT of potential in this site, especially with the highly targeted organic traffic straight from Google.

BIN: $100

Auction will end 24 hours after last bid.