This is something I have been kicking around for a while, but now I am selling every website I own. So for those of you who know what sites I own can make me a private offer for them.

I wont be listing any of the sites publicly nor will the purchase prices be displayed publicly. If you need to know what sites are for sale then please ask here or via PM and I will message the list to you. Any site stats will be given to people I feel are serious about buying the site.

So if you know what sites I have then please send me your bid via private massage do not bid here, all bidding will be private and all sites will need to sold by Dec. 8th 2009. All payments will be done through Paypal. I also will not be giving opening bids or answering any questions asking how much i want for a website. Make your bid/s if you have the high bid then you will be notified.

This will be a multi-forum sale to maximize the sale exposure.