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    Site PR 3:


    I sell Site PR3 domain.

    price: 149$ with unlimited hosting a year (share hosting)

    If you interest please PM me


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    Please check:
    Dig Pagerank in 700+ datacenters


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    I am also getting PR 0 from the Firefox plugin.

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    It also shows PR0 for me. I checked the same at and it shows me PR0.

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    It is a PR0.

    There is something unusual with this site. I did the normal check to see if the content is unique. When I search for any sentence found in the site, no web pages show up in Google. Not even this site. That's bad because Google is not recognizing the content on the pages.

    This is spun content, and not spun very well. These are some of the first sentences in the articles.

    "Once you ve absitively to about-face from acceptable acreage band buzz annual to money-saving internet buzz service you ll allegation to adjudge what blazon of VoIP plan to get. "

    "Small businesses home-based businesses and self-employed individuals accept been axis to internet blast account also alleged broadband buzz or VOIP in droves."

    "Since the aftermost few decades the acreage of voip internet technology has apparent an absurd development."


    Sorry, this is not worth $149.
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