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Thread: Sites Making Around $1/ Day

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    Smile Sites Making Around $1/ Day


    We are looking to buy some websites that are averaging $1/day ONLY from adsense. We will consider sites that are making less, but you must show some proof. We are open to all sorts of sites, other than the following

    Proxy, Adult, Warez, Any Illegal Sites, Download Sites.

    Here are some questions that would make the buying process more efficient;

    1. Website Link
    2. Unique Visitors Per Month
    3. How Much Earnings Through Adsense Per Month
    4. Expenses (if any)
    5. What Niche Is The Site In
    6. Unique Content/Design
    7. Asking Amount

    Please PM with those information.

    Thank You,

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    Quote Originally Posted by EnduranceRacer View Post
    Check out my thread , I am selling my proxy website that averages around 500 Unique Visitors daily and i have put Adbrite on the website for 1 day and
    it earned me about 0,86 . The website is not banned from Google nor am i
    just prefer using Adbrite.

    I am asking $40 for the proxy

    PM me!
    5starpix specifically said no proxies.

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