Hello everyone.

I recently setup a small promotion forum, and now i realize that i only have time for 1 site and my other site is a lot bigger, so i'd prefer to concentrate on that.

Therefore, for sale here is Index page • 4Adverts. It's a promotion forum with over 650 posts and 18 members. Would be great to merge with another similar forum. The forum has over 10 services that are coded by me and can be easily edited to allow you to add things. Also, once you buy this you would fully own the coding. The forum is run by phpBB3 and has a great little Admin Panel, very easy to use. Forum can be merged with other phpBB forums, details of how to do so can be found at phpBB • Creating Communities Worldwide

If anyone needs proof that i own this site, they can contact me and i'll add some text to the forum or send you a Private Message on there to confirm it. When you buy the forum you will be given temporary control of my cPanel so you can login and get your database, it will then be upto you on what you do with it. Or, you can keep the site on it's current hosting and use my hosting account for $5/month, with good support from the server administrator. You will also get full control of the domain, which is hosted with GoDaddy and can be transferred to your own GoDaddy account, free of charge.

The forum also has over 10 phpBB Modifications installed, which further enhances the way the forum functions and looks.

So, are you interested? If you are, send me a PM now. Only looking for around $30 for the whole forum and domain!

How cool!?