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    PHPAS 4.0 Script (Liscensed)

    3038 Games Installed (That's over 2.5 gig!).


    April 9th to Date
    176 daily Unique Average (note this is a little inflated from some traffic campaigns I ran earlier in the month, you should expect to walk into 50-90 uniques daily depending on the day of the week with a 3 month average of about 53...traffic is highest Mon-Fri, Sunday is the lightest day...when people are at school and work they play.

    347 daily game play average
    66 Members (5 are friends and family)

    Anonymous play permitted for up to 75 plays (you can change this)

    Admin driven CMS panel for game uploads, link and member management, one click change between 4 bundled themes. I'm using the Arcade Red theme now, you can view the others at

    Domain Age
    Domain is 5 months, 8 days old as of 4 May 2009

    I bought it from the script developers on Sitepoint (you can google the old ad) for $75 earlier in the year.

    Since I bought it have taken the traffic from 5-10 a day to the current 50-90

    Arcade Traffic Exchanges
    3 Active traffic exchange networks built into the Arcade Red template (you do have to PHP hack a bit on one file to do mods from the baseline templates). Unlike blogs, Arcade traffic exchanges are a must for keeping game players, they will click over and play.

    The Mibbie Exchange summary email for today is here. It normally runs between a 5-15 % if you're going to do CPC ads, its in the top left spot above the fold on the site.

    Ad size 100x100
    Impressions on your pages 288
    Clicks on your pages 33
    Ratio 11.46%
    Impressions of your ads 398
    Clicks on your ads 8
    Ratio 2.01%

    Ad number 1
    Impressions 398
    Clicks 8
    Ratio 2.01%

    SEO/Link Building Efforts

    Went from 0 to 32 Link exchanges with other arcades of PRs from n/a to 4
    10 - PR N/A
    5 - PR1
    3 - PR2
    9 - PR3
    5 - PR 4 - Game Plug and exchange relationship established with (and they let you get fresh content here to upload as well)

    My best relationship is with, none of the links are paid so if you go to remove one I'd recommend just emailing the webmaster (located in the CMS unless I directly added the site (2-3)) to be polite. Links are on the left side if in the CMS and on the bottom of the page if their a ranking site that lists the arcade. I haven't validated for 2 weeks to make sure all backlinks are still there. The CMS also tracks the hits in and out each day for the ones listed in the link menu on the left.

    Check these at Will's visual PR checker tool here: Webmaster Tools

    In the last 2-4 weeks I have registered it with over 100 online directories ranging from PR N/A to 5 (can you ever do too much of this)

    Will's Google PR Checker says (Webmaster Tools )

    Google PageRank for Spiderman Arcade is: 1 / 10
    Alexa Ranking for Spiderman Arcade is: (Top rank is 1)

    You have an average Google rank. Your website seems steady and known by many users.

    Alexa Rank:
    440,736, this was 660,000 when I bought the site.

    Visitor Demographics (From Alexa, Google Analytics has the US number about 10% higher, but I just got Analytics added about a month ago). users come from these countries:

    I'm seeing an increse in European, Asian, and Russian traffic in the last two weeks, reason unknown. traffic rank in other countries:

    PR was artificially inflated to PR2 when I bought it due to the script owners listing it on Sitepoint twice I believe. Its now PR1 and may be strong enough for PR2+ on the next update.

    Probably too much info but here's more if you've gotten this far:

    Income - Negligible so far. Probably 10 bucks total. I just switched to Adbrite from Adsense. If you use a good CPM network would recommend shifting to that for arcades. I also have sacrificed the top 3 add positions (top header, two 125 ads one 468 banner) to put the exchange networks here. You would likely want to change one or all of these as you market the site.

    I have Adbrite and Linkshare ads running on there now. 1/2 the ads you can change in the CMS the others you have to mod the PHP template file to change. I'll provide a "For-Dummies" on what file to change for you in the template directories. I previously had Adsense and it is not banned. If you are intersted I can put Adsense up to prove the no-ban on request. I'd really only want to do this if you're interested though.

    Things I've setup but not taken enough advantage of:
    Basic Emblematics Store for the Arcade (Link is moved temporarily to the bottom of the site if you want to check it out)
    Basic Amazon MP3 Store (Link's by the emblematics). Think I sold one or two songs, but another marketing focus you could try.
    The emblematics store will transfer to the buyer if they want it. I retain no rights to any content, etc when we do the sale.

    Getting More Games: plug system - You download there latest games then list the URL on the exchange page (I'll provide Login and PW to you). FlashDriven uses an exchange script to send traffic. I always see more than I give to them, but the webmaster likes to help smaller sites who ask nicely
    MochiAds Games - This is built into the Script. I do a manual download (server to server) of 4 games every few nights. You can theoretically make money through Mochi, but most arcade sites use them to get new games free and quick. Think I've made 30 cents through them.
    I removed all adult games from the site when I got it since my daughter and her friends were playing it. Nothing to stop you adding any if you wanted. Everything on there is Teen Safe for US standards.

    If you believe online valuations: -
    Lists the low value at $296 USD based on traffic through March low end high end is probably what it would be if you did big time marketing and networking (16k+)

    So, the selling particulars:
    Why am I selling the domain ? Easy, too much work. I work a day job, freelance write, and am focused on my freelance writing blog and a new nonsmoking blog ( , getting ready to redesign it)I'm starting up. If I keep the arcade my baby momma will leave me

    Sales Price:
    Will do a bid starting today. Finish date will be this Friday when I finish working (who knows what time that will be). Since we're multi-time zone here, call it 0500 Saturday GMT 9 May. I reserve the right to extend the bid if the reserve is not met or if we have no bids.

    Bid Start at $100 USD.
    Reserve is $200 USD
    BIN is $300 USD with free hosting at my account at HostGator for 6 months from the day the sale is consumated. If the sales price is less than the BIN, 3 months of hosting for free.

    If you exceed 1500 uniques per day, I will need to reserve the right of giving you 7 days notice to shift the arcade to your own dedicated server (I'm on a shared server and arcades that are PR4 and up are known for hurting shared servers pretty good/ getting you banned and that would be painful for me). Transfer-wise, I can provide you an FTP and Cpanel access to grab the site and database or a handoff to a guy on DP that does transfers for cost.

    Think thats about it. I really don't want to get rid of the site, but figured I'd list here before going on sitepoint with it if no one here wants the arcade. Price is set to be equivalent to similar arcades and the time I've put into it.

    Questions are welcome. My home email is and I can provide screen shots of anything you would like. I definitely typed too much on this post!

    Back to writing and code monkeying!
    Last edited by javanx3d; 5 May, 2009 at 05:56 AM. Reason: To Hyperlink the site being sold

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    Forgot to mention, that there are 4 templates built into the CMS that are one button change-outs (think word press). A girls game pack is loaded and it has a pink front-end you can shift too if wanting to go after that niche (it looks a bit cleaner than the red one).

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