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  1. Text File Hosting

    Hey guys

    Today I announce the release of my new site Free Text Hosting

    It allows you to share code easily over the internet, by providing someone with the unique code generated when you post your text file.

    The text files are in a protected directory and can only be accessed by someone with the correct code so they are 100% secure, it's a great place to post things

    Use the code TVRjeU5URTJPUzUwZUhRPQ at Free Text Hosting to view a sample welcome message Auto Approval Proxy List Free Text File Hosting

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    Are you serious about the message?

    And I'd change my domain name and template to improve the site
    |Nico Lawsons

  3. Alrighty, thanks for the input

    Any suggestions for the domain/look? Auto Approval Proxy List Free Text File Hosting

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