Hello guys,

I'm selling my MyBB-powered forum, the Unofficial Rock Band Forums due to time constraints (I'm a university student). Opened on November 28, 2009 (under the domain nlarcade.com), the Unofficial Rock Band Forums is the leading 3rd-party Rock Band Forum in traffic, activity, and amount of posts. Rock Band has consistently been a growing video game genre, spanning over 2000+ of songs in Downloadable Content and its games, while popularity has ever increased, climaxing with the release of Rock Band 3 just days ago.

My website's activity has strongly picked up this month. In October, 2010, we had 2,360 Visits and 20,250 Pageviews, with a climax of well over 300 visits on October 26, the release day of Rock Band 3. Traffic has consistently shown an increase every month, with the exception of this September, June (June because I was finishing exams at school), and last December (the host went down for a week). Below is a complete list of all our traffic stats from December, 2009 to October, 2010 via. Google Analytics, Webalizer, and Awstats.

December, 2009:

January 2010/Analytics:

February 2010/Analytics:

March 2010/Analytics:

April 2010/Analytics:

May 2010/Analytics:

Awstats for nlarcade.com (before domain switch):

Awstats for rockbandhelp.com (after domain switch):

Webalizer for nlarcade.com (before domain switch):

Webalizer for rockbandhelp.com (after domain switch):

August 2010 (Analytics):

September 2010 (Analytics):

August 2010 (Awstats):

September 2010 (Awstats):

August 2010 (Webalizer):
"Yfrog" Photo : yfrog.com/mrwebalizeraug10p - "Shared" by elcanadiano

September 2010 (Webalizer):

October 2010 (disregard October 31st):

Over the last year, I have taken pride in the design and the looks of my forum. Throughout the months, we have over nine (two are seasonal) unique themes to our site, with the latest two being optimized for search engines, adding header tags, Facebook Like, the works. We are the only MyBB forum (apart from other projects that I help run on MyBB) who search engine optimizes our themes using this method. We have also submitted to over 500 directories. These two things have definitely put us far ahead in Search Engine Optimization, having even encroached within the oligopoly of the RockBand.com and ScoreHero forums. Below are screenshots of Google Webmaster Tools.

http://img169.imageshack.us/img169/4...stertools1.png - Search Engine Queries
http://img830.imageshack.us/img830/7...stertools2.png - Backlinks to rockbandhelp.com (domains are muted to prevent anonymity as I do not have their permission to list them).

This is what you will get for purchasing the website.
- The forum, homepage, and domain (rockbandhelp.com)
- The Facebook Page - Unofficial Rock Band Forums | Facebook - Nearing 150 fans
- The Twitter Page - Rock Band Forum (rockbandforum) on Twitter - Over 1000 followers
- Nine unique MyBB themes, no one has them the same, if at all like us.
- Access to our Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools information
- Facebook Connect and MyAdvertisements Ad Suite plugin, exclusive to Welcome to MybbAddons as subscribers.
- The guarantee that you have purchased one of the best niche forums on the web.

Why should you purchase the Unofficial Rock Band Forums? Well, profits are relatively strong for a mid-sized niche website. Over the course of our one-year history, we have made $58.20 so far in our one-year history, which we have used back on the forums for various reasons, mainly contests and the purchase of a MyBBAddons.com subscription and a further donation for the creation of Facebook Connect for MyBB. We have also earned additional revenue via. Google Adsense, which are on behalf of my other administrator, Jerlene. With strong revenue, high Alexa Ranking, and an even stronger community, why not take your hands on the Unofficial Rock Band Forums?

Bids start at $75, while the Buy-it-now price is $200. Feel free to send me a PM if you need any other details about the forums or if you wish to make a deal with me ahead of time. I am very flexible. The bid ends in 14 days from this post or if a deal is made ahead of time. Please contact me or reply if you're interested.

Alexander P.